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Since 1984, family owned and operated, Rosamori Collection has been synonymous with high quality and <a href="about.html">fashion fur, shearling and novelty skin garments</a> sold to some of the most prestigious fur salons and specialty boutiques throughout Canada, United States, Europe, and Japan. <br> <br> Rosamori's collection created by designer <a href="about.html">Irma Paytler</a> consists of only the highest quality skins in the latest treatments and colors of the season and prides itself for creating garments made of skins often exclusive to them alone. A strong element of the Rosamori Collection has always been the reversible garment. <br> <br> This season, Rosamori is proud to introduce a brand new collection entitled RM2 featuring stylish sport shearling garments for both women and men, many trimmed with wild fur at a much more affordable price point than what you'd expect from Rosamori, without compromising style and quality. Shearling coats,Sheepskin coats,Sheepskin Jackets,Shearlings,Shearling,Sheep skin, rabbits, lamb, leather, merino, merinillo, furs, calfskins.